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Andar Bahar Online in India

Andar Bahar is a card game variation that originated in the streets of India and has rapidly become popular over the years due to the rise of online gaming platforms. Andar Bahar is unique compared to other card games, mainly due to its simplicity. The game spread from south India, where it’s known as ‘Katti’, to the northern part of India, where many people know it as Andar Bahar.


Many online platforms for gaming, such as, offer this amazing game with a great user interface for players to enjoy the game. The game has few requirements to play and has no limit to the number of players who take part in an Andar Bahar game. The gaming platforms offer players a chance to play the game for real money and also as a demo whereby players do not require real money to play.

Definition of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a classic Indian card game with a minimum requirement of two players and no set maximum for the number of players who can participate in a game. All that is needed is a card deck and a surface to play on. However, for online Andar Bahar, players from different geographical regions play the game on an online platform.

Terminologies Used In Andar Bahar

  • Andar – This word translates to inside in Hindi. After the cards are drawn from the deck, they are placed on a box on the left side of a player, known as Andar. The term can also refer to a type of bet placed in the game. The Andar bet is made by predicting the winning card to be placed in the Andar box.

  • Bahar – Contrary to Andar, this word translates to outside. It refers to the other box situated on the right side of a player where cards are placed after drawing them from the deck. It can also be used to refer to a bet whereby the player predicts the winning card will be placed on the Bahar box.

  • Table Maximum – This refers to the maximum amount of money placed on a particular bet in an Andar Bahar game. Different gaming platforms have different table maximum amounts for their Andar Bahar online game.

  • Gain card – The gain card is the first drawn card in every Andar Bahar game round. The gain card is used for reference when drawing all the other cards in the game. The gain card is also identified using other names such as the cut card, main card or the trump card.

Instructions For Playing Andar Bahar

When playing the Andar Bahar card game online, a few instructions must be followed to make the game exciting and playable. Below is a list of instructions on how to play Andar Bahar.

  1. When playing online with multiple players, the first step for every player is picking the gain card. The remaining cards are shuffled back onto the deck upon picking the main card. This part of the game has a limited time offer and is required to be fast.

  2. After picking the main card for the game, the main card is placed in the middle of the table to be used as a reference for making bets. The players can then click on the user interface to select the box to place their bet. The betting options are either Andar or Bahar. For the betting options, a timer is also placed.

  3. Once all the players have placed their bets, the dealer starts drawing the cards from the deck and distributes them respectively. If the dealer draws a card belonging to the black suit on his first draw, the dealing at this moment starts from the Andar box. However, if the dealer draws his first card from the red suit, the dealing starts from the Bahar box.

  4. When the dealer draws a card matching the main card initially chosen at the beginning of the game, a winner is picked by the Andar Bahar online game.

Game Rules For Andar Bahar

  1. The gain card chosen has to be exposed for all the players to see before placing their bets. In an online Andar Bahar real cash game, the main card is put at the center of the table to allow bet placing.

  2. When the dealer is drawing cards, the suit of the cards determines where the drawing will start from. This may be either the Andar or Bahar box.

  3. There is a set time limit for picking the main card and placing bets.

  4. When additional bets are involved in an Andar Bahar casino game, two cards are dealt with the players to enable them to place their final bets.

  5. When a card identical to the trump card is dealt with, either the Bahar or Andar boxes, the game round ends.

  6. The winner for an Andar Bahar game is decided when the card identical to the gain card is dealt with the box the player had placed their bet on.

  7. The payout for the Andar Bahar card game online is given after the card identical to the main card is dealt with the correctly chosen box.

How To Place A Bet in Andar Bahar

  • When placing bets on an Andar Bahar casino game, the first thing to consider is the minimum and maximum bet limit. Choosing bet limits favorable to you when picking an Andar Bahar casino to play in is important.

  • After establishing the bet limits for the Andar Bahar card game online, the next step is depositing money in your betting account. Different betting platforms offer various methods of payments for depositing money to bet with.

  • During an Andar Bahar game round, once the main card has been exposed, the players must place their bets on either the Bahar or Andar boxes. Bets are placed, considering the bet limits set by the platform.

  • Upon placing the bets, the live dealer for the Andar Bahar game draws the card from the deck, and once a card identical to the main card is drawn, the game round ends.

  • A win is established when the dealer deals with a card identical to the main card in the player’s chosen box. Payouts are then made to the player based on the bet amounts they had placed on the game.

Andar Bahar Payouts

In Andar Bahar gameplay online, payout levels are dependent on various aspects of the winning card. Payouts vary in the case whereby the winning card is placed on the box in which the first card was drawn and the winning box chosen by the player.

 In case the winning card lands on the box where the first card was dealt, the player gets a 90% payout rate. However, if the winning card is placed on the box, which was not the first draw choice, the player gets a 100% payout rate. Below is a table with various payouts for online Andar Bahar real cash.

200 INR Bet Amount

First Card Placing

Winning Card Place






























Online Andar Bahar Side Bets

The Andar Bahar casino game offers various variations for the side bets, and this creates more opportunities for players to make money in the game. One of the side bets placed in the online Andar Bahar is based on the main card’s suit. A player can bet on whether the winning card will be of a red or black suit.

Another type of side bet involves betting on which number range the winning card will be on. Players can bet on the winning card being below a certain number. Andar Bahar’s real money app offers side bet options and instructions on placing the side bets.

When placing side bets, players are required to make consideration of the betting platform’s bet limits. The players are also required to confirm their side bets before the game can proceed.

Another unique side bet involves betting on the color of the winning card. In this instance, the player bets on the winning card being of a certain color. This allows the player to win more cash when playing the Andar Bahar card game online.

Winning Tips and Tricks For Andar Bahar

  • Make use of bonuses. Most betting platforms offer bonuses for first-time players on their platforms. As a newbie, it’s important to make good use of bonuses to learn more about the game and build more on your skills.

  • Before playing Andar Bahar online cash game, it’s important to practice by playing without using real cash. This enhances a player’s understanding of the game before you can risk real money.

  • Set a budget. When playing online Andar Bahar real cash, using a budget gives you good financial control of your finances. You should not risk money if you cannot stand losing in an Andar Bahar online game.

  • Some betting platforms offer Andar Bahar demos. When building on experience to play the game, demos enable one to practice playing the Andar Bahar card game online at no cost. 

  • Since Andar Bahar is a game of luck, there are not many Andar Bahar tricks that can be used to secure wins. The Andar Bahar game should be viewed as a hobby and a fun way to enjoy playing cards. It should not be considered a way of earning a living.

How To Play Andar Bahar for Real Money

Due to the growing popularity of online gaming platforms, many sites now offer Andar Bahar online cash games. The platforms offer payment methods to deposit money for playing Andar Bahar by placing real cash bets.

Playing Andar Bahar for real cash offers the players an exciting way to enjoy the game and also provides them a chance to make money while playing. Online Andar Bahar offers really good payout rates and a wide variety of side bets.

Playing Andar Bahar for Free

Various online betting platforms in India offer Andar Bahar gameplay online for free. Free Andar Bahar allows the user to experience the amazing card game at no cost. It’s also an amazing way for one to learn more about the Andar Bahar game rules and build on playing skills. 

By practicing with the free Andar Bahar online game, a player builds their confidence and can eventually move on to play Andar Bahar for real money. It’s also a fun way to experience the Andar Bahar game with friends and family at any place and time.

Variations of The Andar Bahar Game

Like many other popular card games, Andar Bahar also has some variations. Game variations often include slight changes to some of the game’s rules. This makes each variation of the game unique, and this builds the game’s versatility. 

The Andar Bahar online game is quite a simple game to play and therefore has few variations. There are three common Andar Bahar variations: the live Andar Bahar, speed Andar Bahar, and the RNG Andar Bahar.

Live Andar Bahar

For live dealer Andar Bahar, the game is streamed live on video from the casino. The dealer draws the cards for the multiple players taking part in the game and gives out the winners’ payouts.

 The live dealer variation also enables interaction among the players and the dealer during gameplay, making the variation quite interesting. Players can also place bets with real money on the game while also taking into consideration the bet limits set for the game.

Speed Andar Bahar

This variation of the Andar Bahar game is played at high speed, as the name implies. The time limits for the game are short, and this requires the players to be fast in placing bets. The variation also offers various types of side bets, such as betting on the number of cards drawn before the winning card is dealt. The availability of side bets in this variation increases the chances of higher payouts among players of the game.

RNG Andar Bahar

The RNG variation of the Andar Bahar online game involves the use of random number generators and an AI dealer for gameplay. The game gives the player equal chances of winning payouts. The RNG variation of the Andar Bahar game can only be played by a single player and has no time constraints as compared to the live dealer variation.

Mobile Andar Bahar Game

All you need to play mobile Andar Bahar is a mobile phone or tablet with a live internet connection to play the Andar Bahar online cash game. The mobile Andar Bahar has a good and user-friendly interface to enable players to navigate the game options easily. With a mobile phone connected to the internet, all you need is the Andar Bahar game download on your phone to enjoy the game.

Payment Methods For Andar Bahar

The Andar Bahar online cash game has become popular in India, and many casinos offer different payment methods for players to deposit their money into their gaming accounts. The payment methods also make it possible for players to withdraw their winnings. Several payment means can be used to deposit money for placing bets listed below.

  1. Net Banking – This method of payment involves transfers from your bank account to your betting account. This transaction is made possible through the use of bank apps developed by various banks that enable the user to link with their bank account. By entering the bank details on the app, the user can deposit money to the casino account and play Andar Bahar online. However, not all banks support payments to casinos. It’s important to find a bank that allows casino transfers before you use net banking as a payment method.

  2. Unified Payment Interface(UPI) – Created by the National Payment Corporation of India, UPI allows users to connect to multiple bank accounts on their mobile phones and facilitate cash transfers. UPI is a fast and secure method of payment that is also easy to operate. A UPI transaction requires a UPI ID and a secret pin to allow the transaction. Many casinos accept UPI as a payment method for making bet deposits.

  3. E-Wallets – Various types of E-Wallets are accepted as a payment method by most casinos, including but not limited to Paypal, Netteler, Skrill and Paytm. E-wallets act as an intermediary for bank transactions. The user transfers money to the wallet from the bank account to the wallet, and the wallet allows them to make payments for various goods and services. E-Wallets are widely accepted among casinos and are ideal due to their user-friendly interface.

  4. Credit and Debit Cards – Some banks allow money transfers to casinos through credit and debit cards, while some do not. All that is required when using credit cards as a means of payment is the bank details. It is arguably a relatively fast way of making money transfers to your betting account.

  5. Cryptocurrency – Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many casinos have finally begun accepting various forms of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Cryptocurrency transfers also use wallets to make transfers to the casino accounts for the players. The withdrawals can also be made using cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses For Andar Bahar

Bonuses are extra cash given by the casino to the player as a show of appreciation and to reduce a player’s losses. Indian best Andar Bahar casinos offer different types of bonuses for new and regular players of Andar Bahar. 

However, to take advantage of casino bonuses, factors such as wagering requirements and validity have to be considered. Bonuses are an amazing way for players to earn huge payouts by playing online Andar Bahar.

Game Providers For Andar Bahar

Online gaming has become popular in India, and this has led to many developers venturing into producing a gaming platform for Andar Bahar games. The developers vary in terms of the user interface and graphics, and sound effects for their platforms.


Ezugi is arguably one of India’s most popular game developers today. Ezugi offers a high-quality and user-friendly interface for Andar Bahar. The developer provides a platform used in many casinos that facilitates the use of English and Hindi language options in the Andar Bahar gameplay.


This is one of the pioneer game developers to introduce Andar Bahar. The interface is relatively easy to use and facilitates different payment methods for placing cash bets for Andar Bahar. The BetConstruct platform is used by many Indian best Andar Bahar casino providers. 

Evolution Gaming

This is one of the most reputable game developers with a world-class user interface for various casinos, including Andar Bahar. The evolution gaming platform has amazing graphics and sound effects, making the game exciting for the players. The platform also offers English and Hindi language options for the Andar Bahar game.


As the name suggests, the name developers offer a fast gaming platform for Andar Bahar and many more casino games and tables. The one-touch game provider also supports offline and live gaming options for the Indian best Andar Bahar game.

X-pro Gaming

Xpro gaming offers Andar Bahar game and its variations, among many other casino games. The platform provides a user interface that is easy to navigate by users. 

Super Spade

Super spade is a common game developer among Indian casinos due to several factors. The Super Spade platform offers a wide variety of gaming options for players, including tables and slots. The platform also supports various payment methods for depositing bet amounts.

Choosing The Best Andar Bahar Casino

When choosing the best casino to play in Andar Bahar, a few factors have to be considered. Here is a list of what to consider when choosing the best casino to play Andar Bahar.

  1. The legality of the casino. It’s vital to establish whether the casino you intend to play Andar Bahar on is registered as a legal entity recognized by the Indian government.

  2. When choosing the best casino, it’s important to find a casino with a good game developer. This ensures that you get a casino with a good user interface for playing Andar Bahar.

  3. Bonuses are important to consider when picking a casino to play Andar Bahar. Bonuses give the player extra cash to bet on and increase their chances of getting huge payouts.

  4. A casino’s rules and regulations play an important role when placing bets and withdrawing winnings. You should look at a casino’s rules and regulations when evaluating it.

  5. Availability of payment methods. Before establishing that a casino is the best choice to play Andar Bahar on, one should ensure that the casino offers payment methods accessible to them.

  6. Friendly user interface. When choosing the best casino to play Andar Bahar, it’s important to look at the casino’s user interface. The ideal user interface should be easy to navigate for all users.

  7. Language options. Many Andar Bahar players in India prefer to play the Hindi language version of the Andar Bahar game online. You should first look at the language options offered by a casino.


Is Andar Bahar Legal In India?

Yes, it is. Andar Bahar is ideally a game of luck and therefore recognized by the Indian gaming act of 1867. It is legal to play Andar Bahar in India.

Can I Play Andar Bahar In Hindi?

Various game developers offer gaming platforms with Hindi language options for the players. It’s possible to find many casinos that offer Hindi language game options.

Which is the Best Andar Bahar Casino?

The Royal Panda is arguably the best casino for Andar Bahar in India. This is due to the good bonuses they offer.

Can I Play Andar Bahar With Real Money?

Yes, you can. Casinos offer various n methods of payment such as net banking to enable players to play with real money and withdraw the winnings from their casino accounts.

How To Win Andar Bahar Every Time

The Andar Bahar game offers equal chances of 50/50 for the players. It’s therefore not possible to win every single game of Andar Bahar.

Is Online Andar Bahar Rigged?

Online Andar Bahar uses random number generators that give every player equal chances of winning in a round of Andar Bahar. The game is not rigged but is fair with equal winning chances.

Can I Play Andar Bahar On Mobile?

Yes, you can. Various casinos in India offer mobile applications for the casino. The mobile application enables users to log in to their casino account and play Andar Bahar and other casino games. It’s also possible to deposit and withdraw money from your casino account using a mobile phone.